12th Story Window

I climb up the stairs, sick & weary

Passing my neighbours, as I go by

I never talk to them, they never talk to me

1st floor, I keep walking

Shit, I’m so tired

I just want sleep

2nd floor, that damn cat always gets in my way

It always looks battered and beaten

Half-starved, and rotten

3rd floor, that baby is starting to crawl

Parents are never around

Don’t they ever keep watch?

4th floor, there goes Harry

Smelling like he just climbed out the sewer

God-damn fucking deadbeat

5th floor, not much but addicts & rats

6th floor, hookers galore

7th floor, and I dodge the landlord

8th floor is pretty dead

9th floor, that little girl is hanging off the railings

Reading those poems

Bruises up and down her arms

10th floor, nothing but storage

11th floor, it’s the maintenance man

“Hey Reggie? What you doing up here?”

“Your room’s on 8th”

“Yeah, just going to visit a friend”

12th floor, an open window

I come and sit on its broken edge

Watching, hearing, and smelling the world outside

I spot the local alley, an old lady is being mugged

My local bar, some fight broken up by a police car

Dead pigeon on top of those flats

Mailman’s being attacked by that dog again

Sky’s all grey, it’s pissing it down

Drug store hit up again

Another car-jacking behind the dirty cinema

And another dead pigeon on those flats

Well, I’m so tired… could do with some sleep

I think I’ll join those tired and rotted pigeons

I could do with the sleep, and the fall is looking good

I think I’ll join the pigeons

Today is a good day, to join those filthy pigeons.


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