The Man From Camden

The man from Camden

Met that devil in the town of Stanford

A contract signed, a soul owed

To that man in Stanford


‘Mr. West, I’ll give you the life you seek’

‘And you’ll have everything, you’ll see’

‘Sign right here, you’re in for a treat’


A decade-long contract

Reggie, you should be careful

Of shady life hacks


Meet the man, at the crossroads

Burn that contract

Flee for you’re being hunted

By his hellish contacts


You were the right man

At the wrong door

In the wrong room

At the wrong time

For the perfect hate-crime

Of a lifetime


Are you ready to serve your time?

Mr. West

Keep your angels close

For that man is close


Now you have friends

Liars, and whores

With open doors


You were born

In the east

Mr. West

Raised in the west

Now your life

Is his wild west


You’ll stumble, and crumble

Along the neon strips

Mad with envy, and lust

With a heart lost of all the trust

You once had for strangers


When it’s time to seal that deal

You made for a lousy meal

You’ll remember the days

That felt like a dream

Back in that deceased east


This is one eternal feast

For you, such a depraved beast


This is what you wanted

To live forever haunted

In the west, Mr. West


This is your west, Mr. West

The angels warned you, Mr. West

This is the Twisted West

Mr. West


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