Snared In His Wonderland

You had the chance to be a hero who’d never die but you followed in my footsteps.

Why do you have to be a creep like me? Now we’re both stuck in this twisted wonderland, I’m fighting for your innocence, your eyes tell me that it’s all in vain. Your adoration is pain to me, your love for me will be the end of you and then you’ll know what I was trying to say;

Love will be the death of you.

Before it stung us, we were hearty, during it we’re content, and after the sting, you laid there dying before me. And it pains me too much to see you take the last breath…..

“Stay with me,” she said, so slowly so softly, “Stay with me.”

My shoulder jerks at the very thought. “I can’t.”

“What do we usually do? What do you want to do?” I look her plain straight in the eye.

“Kill. Deliver. Twist, uh…him…her……….It.”

He left her. He never looked back, and she never stopped looking. She never blinked, she never looked away. Tears poured, cries cried, blood flowed, but she never moved. She waited and waited, but he never came back, and he would never see her eyes ever again.

“Had I the strength I would follow your cobbled path,” she said, looking down at herself as she slowly slipped away.

He continued upon the sanctified stones remembering the rhymes, the rhymes kept you safe. When you stop remembering the rhymes you hear the laughter in the air, sorrow in the skies, and will begin to feel the fear, realising just what and where you were.

His mind tires, his tongue aches, and his soul sore. Foolishly he forgets the rhymes.


Where am I, I know where I am. But where am I? Who am I when here?

“Focus,” he said snapping at himself. Are you seeing this? I don’t believe I am. It’s playtime to them. For Me… It’s ruin. Music on the wind, not much of a charming melody but more a delusional tune of play & death. Couldn’t be, but it is. Sickening. But the more I listen, the saner it sounds, the more fun it sounds. No. He shakes his head furiously.

They’re dancing, dancing around something and I don’t want to know what. The man keeps on walking, quickening his pace, his eyes twisting in an undecided mix.

“The cobbles have ceased friend, this is the end of your passage,” comes a voice mumbling in a deep hollow, now all I see is a great valley. The sacred stone path…. Gone. Gone with the rhymes, I’m at the lands mercy now… that isn’t good. He looks to the sky, it’s getting light, is that good or bad? Only time will tell. His body tires, human tolerance is weaker here, wherever here is….

My vision is blurring. Feeling light headed. It’s all quiet now. I stumble and fall to a small opening of a cave in the face of a cliff, and faint… Will I ever wake up?


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