Books, Poems, & Kindles

I’ve been collecting a lot of books lately and my literary tastes have been expanding somewhat. I used to only read fantasy books, mostly; R.A Salvatore, David Gemmel, Terry Pratchett, George R.R Martin etc. But now, that I have found a love for poetry and I think I can mark that down solely to Charles Bukowski I have been writing my own poetry and diving face first into it, I have searched around and read, studied and picked all the different genres I might like.

The funny thing is I keep getting these books, but I have nowhere to put them. My bookshelf is overflowing now. I do have a kindle, two, in fact, the old kindle touch and a HD-Fire. And I use the HD one still, the other is locked away in a drawer somewhere. I mainly just use the kindle for browsing online,and more of a tablet than anything else for the days when turning on my laptop sounds like too much work. I’m lazy like that.

But occasionally I do read e-books, but I will always come back to the physical copy of a paperback. I like to collect classic books, whether modern cult classics or pre-twentieth century books (Those being mostly gothic horrors, Dracula, Frankenstein, Carmilla, etc.) So whenever I finish reading a really great book on my kindle more times than not I’ll just click my way onto amazon, or zip over to town and spend hours browsing Waterstones.

I don’t think anyone can really pinpoint why it is that books are better, classier, and sexier. It’s like CD’s & Vinyl. Sometimes they are just better because… well, hell… because they just are.

I think Carl Sagan puts it best;


And I think for me, books, as burdensome and cumbersome as they are. Are worth the extra effort, the extra money you end up forking out on them. By all reason you should buy the e-book, it’s cheaper, it doesn’t take up any space, the pages won’t rot, it won’t get dusty, and the spine won’t break. But I just don’t care, my books can rot, flake, and fall to pieces, and I’ll still love them when they’re in bits & pieces.

And that’s that.




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