Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl who lived at the edge of a wood. Her name was Red. And the people of the village called her Little Red Riding Hood because she loved to dress in her red hood and cloak. Everyone loved Red, she was a sweet, and kind soul who earned the praise of everyone that she would pass as she made her way home each day. Smiling and waving at her neighbours as she went about her daily chores.

Red was not only the talk of the town but of many towns. Her beauty was known all across the land, and many a suitor had tried his very best, and his very worst. But no man could capture the heart of Little Red. For Little Red did not care about such fancy things, her grandmother had fallen sick of late. And Little Red only cared about her precious Granny.

One day one of her suitors came calling at her door, and her mother was not pleased at all. Little Red sent him away, shooing the pesky Woodsman away – She did not have time for such things she thought.

But the Woodsman loved her so and promised himself he would have Little Red Riding Hood, even if it was the last thing he would ever do.

Little Red felt bad about hurting the Woodsman but she had responsibilities, her Granny was sick. And she had to visit her. Little Red Riding Hood would often go and see her grandmother often in the evenings, early mornings, and sometimes on the well-lit nights.

One day Little Red Riding Hood caught a very big fright. Her friend and neighbour, the Woodsman was said to have got lost. Little Red felt ever so guilty, but could not forsake her sickly Granny.

The next morning her mother had baked some cakes, and Little Red was more than happy to take them to Granny. Little Red prepared to go out into the woods, dressing up in her favourite red hood and cloak.

Little Red put her little red socks on, her little red cloak around, strapping it across her chest. And began walking off to Granny’s taking her basket and cakes for her beloved grandmother.

Along the way, Little Red Riding Hood felt a terrible chill along the wood. She fastened up her hood, covering her ginger locks and increasing her pace. As Little Red was almost there she came across a stranger.

A man, sickly looking sitting beside the road, polishing an axe. He is awfully pale thought Little Red. As she came closer to the man she spoke up offering any help she could offer. “Are you okay mister?” Asked Little Red Riding Hood.

“I’m fine Little Red, thank you,” Answered the man, giving a smile to the girl. It was only then that Little Red saw his ghastly scar across his stubbly chin. “Oh my, are you alright sir?” She cried.

“I’m fine Little Red. But where are you off to?” Asked the man.

“I’m off to see my Granny,” Said Little Red Riding Hood.

“Does she live far?” Asked the man.

“Not so far, she lives up by the lake in the cabin near the end of the wood.” Answered Little Red Riding Hood, trying not to stare at the man’s scar.

“Then you should hurry, it will be night soon,” Warned the man.

Little Red had not realised how late the hour was, she thanked the man and carried off down the road rushing to get to Granny’s. As the time went on Little Red noticed the moon and stars this night, far brighter than any other night. Well, it must be a full moon tonight she thought, smiling as she came up to Granny’s cottage.

As Little Red Riding Hood knocked on Granny’s door she heard a loud bang and a muffle. Little Red thought nothing of it, as Granny has had a cough for quite some time now. She led herself in and went to see her Granny.

As Little Red approached Granny’s room she smelt a terrible odour. “Oh dear, Granny what a strange smell. I should have to open the window.”

“Oh no, dearie. Don’t do that, Granny is cold, leave it open would you.” Said Granny in a deep voice.

“Oh, Granny what a sore throat you must have.”

Little Red got closer to Granny who lay in bed. “Oh, Granny you look terrible.” She cried.

“Oh that’s not very nice now is it?” Coughed Granny.

Little Red sat by her bedside unfastening her cloak and pulling her hood down. To better see her grandmother, “Oh, Granny what big eyes you have.”

“All the better to see you with.”

“Oh, what big ears you have Granny.”

“All the better to hear you with.”

“Oh, what big arms you have Granny.”

“All the better to hug you with.”

“Oh, what big teeth you have Granny.”

“All the better eat you with!” Shouted Granny as she jumped out of bed, ripping her nightie off. At once, Little Red knew it wasn’t Granny, but a big bad wolf!

“Oh, Mister Wolf! What have you done with Granny?” Cried Little Red Riding Hood. The Wolf stood tall licking his teeth clean, “I ate her up, and you’re next Little Red.”

“Oh no, please Mister Wolf!” She screamed.

Just then as Little Red ran to the door, the Wolf was there as soon as she was, he slammed the door shut. Locking it tight. “But first, before I eat you up, I have a surprise for you Little Red,” Growled the Wolf.

“Oh my, what a big cock you have Mister Wolf.”

“All the better to fuck you with.”

The Wolf gave a wicked smile and a loud howl, and Little Red finally saw the scar upon his furry chin, realising it was the man she had met in the forest, the Wolf looked at her. “Yes, rather fetching this scar isn’t it? I got it from another wolf, I cut him down with my axe.”

Little Red’s face twisted in shock, “The Woodsman! You’re the Woods-”

“YES, I’M THE WOODSMAN. I was injured fighting that beast, and I could not return to the village. Not after you rejected me Little Red, but now, nothing will stop me from having you,” Said the Wolf as he jumped across the room. Clawing at Little Red’s cloak tearing it to pieces as she ran to the window crying.

“Oh Little Red, Little Red. I have a sweet for you,” Barked the Wolf as he crawled across Granny’s bedroom drooling and slobbering with his mighty jaws.

“Please Woodsman, Let me go.” Screamed Little Red Riding Hood as she was dragged to the bed, clothes torn to pieces. Little Red felt less than decent to say the very least, the Wolf had torn her favourite Cloak and dress to pieces.

Little Red was pushed to her Granny’s bed and the Wolf gave a wide-eyed howl as he ripped and tore her bra and panties off. “DO I LOOK LIKE A WOODSMAN ANYMORE?!” He snarled down her ear.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry Mister Wolf.” She wept, the Wolf smiled back at her.

“Ooh, what firm breasts you have.” Said the Wolf as he licked her nipples. The Wolf slurped, licked, and smothered Little Red with his long wet tongue. Little Red cried in a panic not knowing what to do.

“And, what lovely supple cheeks you have.” Said the Wolf as he groped her behind.

Little Red looked away from the Wolf, “No don’t do this Mister Wolf, please!” she cried. The Wolf barked and sniffed at her neck, nibbling at her ears and chest. “I will not harm you.” He promised.


Little Red stopped squirming and crying. To meet the foul Wolf’s gaze, “If what?” asked Little Red. The Wolf broke out into laughter.

“I’ll only fuck you once, and then if you can get away I will let you go home.” Said the Wolf.

Little Red’s eyes welled up with tears, but seeing no other option, she sighed a great big breath. And agreed. She would let the Wolf fuck her.

“I’ll fuck you bloody.” Snapped the Wolf.

Little Red suddenly was flipped over on the bed, her head buried in the pillows, her bum hanging up straight into the face of the big bad Wolf.  Little Red cried again softly into her Granny’s pillow, catching her grandmother’s scent. And the Wolf had her scent.

Little Red shuddered suddenly as a big wet tongue rode up her privates and her bum. “Ooohhh…” Quivered Little Red.

The Wolf ate and ate Little Red making her good and wet. With little complaint from her. The Wolf laughed as he ate Little Red riding Hood’s bum, licking her from bottom to bottom.

As Little Red’s hands began to dip, exploring herself as the big Bad Wolf explored her, she did so begin to play with her love button. (As she liked to call it.) “Ohh yeah, rub your clit. You nasty slut,” Moaned the Wolf as he stroked his cock, licking Little Red’s bum. Little Red turned to meet him, for the first time unafraid, “I’m not a slut!” She shouted at him.

“Oh no? Then you won’t enjoy this then, will you?” Asked the Wolf, and just as Little Red asked what he meant, she felt it. The big bad Wolf, slowly pushed inside of her, howling in joy as he penetrated her juicy ass.

Little Red had no time to answer and gave only an ear shattering yelp. Her hands dropped to the quilt gripping the sheets tightly as she screamed in pain.  “Noooo! Arrgh. My bum. My bum. Not there!”

“I never said how I would fuck you, Little Red.” Snarled the Wolf as he gripped onto her asscheeks. Clawing at her and leaving marks all over her back.

“Oh please not there Mister Wolf, not there.” She moaned as the Wolf steadily fucked her posterior, rocking into her and pulling her lovely red locks.

“Lay back and enjoy it Little Red.” Said the Wolf.

And Little Red went quiet, waiting out her punishment. But the pain was too great to bear, and she cried softly into Granny’s pillow. Wolf’s pace quickening as he fucked Little Red bloody.

“Little Red, Little Red, I’m going to come.” Gasped the Wolf.

And as Little Red realised it was finally coming to an end she gave a smile and lifted her arms to hold her bum open for the big bad Wolf. He continued for a few more minutes panting, drooling, gasping and thrusting into her as he scratched her back wildly.

And with a low howl, he finally came inside Little Red’s bum. He fell atop her and stroked her hair, “Little Red, Little Red. That was wonderful. But I will keep my promise,” He said looking to her face and at a bewildered girl, now turned into a woman.

“No, fuck me! Fuck me again. Hard!” Pleaded Little Red Riding Hood.

And so he did.

The End


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