The fairy & the dragon Pt. 01


A youthful saga begins

For this eternal ballad

Where two tricksters meet

Let me tell you now

Of these foul devils’ encounter




It began, long, long ago;

When winters covered the earth with death

And summers revealed other worlds

Worlds that could collide and force

A chance meeting between two strangers

One of fire and sky – the other of poison and earth

A bond caught between opposing realms

A most irregular friendship


A dragon and a fairy

A fairy and a dragon


No one could quite know

Why or how, or even when it had happened

But the bards, beggars, and buskers sing it still

They sing of the tale of these two


In woods, caves, caverns, and ruined towers

The dragon chases the fairy

And the fairy chases the dragon

The dragon hordes his gold in his castle

Warning of those who may come

The fairy dances in her forest

Spreading her wicked lust and poison

To all those who will come


Endless nights spread across the eons

These two twisted devils entangled forever

Slaying heroes and villains alike

For their ultimate tale of woe

Let me tell you now, so that you may know

Of their wonderful tale

That once lit the heavens up

And struck the earth down

In a mighty show of their great folly

Bringing about the kingdoms

In long seasons of warmth & comfort

That sets children off in a steady slumber


Bringing them into dreams of awe & wonder

After hearing the first tale of the dragon’s red tail

Afterwards, you may feel free to tell it back

To those you’ve always held dear


The fairy and the dragon

They had first met on a night

Very unlike this one

Many seasons ago

When the earth was new

And the sky was still old

It was a chance encounter

That led to their great love


Listen now brothers & sisters

fathers & mothers

Elders & children

This is the tale of ‘The Dragon’s Red Tail’

That I shall regale…


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