She wears too much makeup

She’s got racoon eyes

A little too much eyeliner

Yak – yak – yak



So bitchy and judgemental

Let me state for the record

The goths, the eccentrics

The wonderfully weird ladies

They are my vision


A true vision;

My Cleopatra

My Morticia, (Carolyn & Anjelica)

My Venus de milo


Pale skin, black hair

Shapely eyes

Trim figure, & petite stature

Light & exquisite


Plum – wonderful goddesses

They look like they devoured

A legion of souls

And yet are as charming, and beautiful

As the bitch with the pom-poms


Don’t you dare hassle

My Cleopatra

She’s shy, sly

And I wish she was mine


Cleopatra put the knife down

Take it from me

And give it to me

I could be

Your Mark Antony


Lay back with me

And watch the world burn

While our souls churn



Look up from the floor

Meet me half way

And be my Cleopatra


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