Bacon, Beer, Boobs, and Bullets


What’s best in life?

Money? Love? Family?

Possessions? Memories?

Experiences? Sex? Sleep?

Soft toilet paper?


Pacifists argue that war is good for nothing

As a pessimist and a realist, I disagree

It’s good for profit – death is profitable

At least it is to the assholes

Who sit atop our governments

Homelessness, world-hunger

Disease – cancer

Human trafficking

We can charge for this

Turn a bit of misery

Into cash

Make the rich richer

And the poor even more

Sick of the system


Protest all you want

You wonderful

Golden souled hopefuls


The fat lizard faced bankers

Still count their pennies

The soldier goes out and

Rapes, maims, and kills


The rich get richer

And the poor

Spend another day

In front of their dying fire


Well, at least we can tide the time over

With the good stuff


While you wait:

Here’s something to distract you

–Bacon, beer, boobs & bullets

It’s all that matters

–Food, drugs, sex, and death

Hey, it really does sell


What arouses your senses the most

Is what keeps you getting out of bed


So, while you wait

I thought I’d be straight


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