Dear Death


Dear Death

It’s been a while since we last spoke, seen, or heard from each other. You never visit anymore, and I ask myself when you’ll be around again. The nostalgia hit me today, when I witnessed a car crash, police had cautioned off the area and erected a tent in your honour. No doubt you were working that day. You’re ever vigilant, even when the others don’t understand why you do what you do. I know you’re the only one who can, and for that, I’ll always be thankful. Even when tragedy strikes and nobody else can cope, you do, and for that, you have my unending and total affection.

Nobody seems to appreciate you anymore, I can’t say I blame them. But even in the darkest days, the direst of situations, for instance; the loss of a child, you come, and you reap. I feel a hole tear open in my chest when these things happen. But that pain is nothing to what you yourself go through. Don’t think I don’t know, don’t you remember? When I was five, I saw you Death – Death incarnate. And you stood tall, with an arched back in silence over her. A sweet and innocent babe and you wept alongside her parents and took her into your arms.

Now, I saw your shadow again in the haze of authority besides that tent near the road as they hosed away the remaining blood. Dear Death, please I know nobody gives you gifts anymore and neither shall I but please accept this letter & my condolences of your personal dread and my thanks to your commitment.

One day, not too soon I hope we will meet properly. But until then may the heavens open when you weave your way through the night, cleaving life to its last breath, to keep you company and share your great burden. Dear Death thank you.

Yours Patiently



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