Little Wolf


Little wolf down by the riverside

Following the pack’s trail

Sipping the winter waters


Lost & wounded

Black dogs sniffing him down

Poachers combing the forests


Bleeding heavily

Limping through the mud

Whimpering as the snow falls


Wind carrying his scent down stream

To the mongrels on his track

Scarred twice already

Left ear half-gone

Right eye hazy


His pack awaits

Howling though the mist


He can barely bark

Let alone howl back


Now they’re on his flank

In hot pursuit


The scope gleams in the dying light

Thunder in the ridges


And another wolf falls

As the shot blasts, he succumbs

Weeping out his lively blood

Dark essence spoiling his coat


Little wolf down by the riverside

Howls out into the barrel

Crying into the night


Little wolf by the riverside

Skinned, and stuffed

Stood proudly at the fireside

For ever more

For the poacher’s proud

Once more


Little wolves by the riverside

A day more – Stare into the red pool

Of the little wolf that was once by the riverside


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