Neon – An ode to Japan


Flowing through the masses of Tokyo

The idle chatter a thunderous roar

As I glide along the ancient city streets

In the shadow of night


Faces & eyes everywhere

Perfume, and stench at every turn

Paranoia & charisma abundant


Skyscrapers scratching the sky

The moon eclipsed behind grey cloud

Stars on show – dancing in the black

The neon lights illuminating



Neon nights culminating

Neon lights showcasing

The rise and setting of

This capitalism


A nation once proud


Monks, soldiers

& demons for hire


Modern days

Flash forward

And the demon

Traded in his sword for a pen

The monks wear suits

The warriors carry lawsuits

And the soldiers became

Thugs, spreading anarchy


From Samurai to Yakuza

The last of the Ronin

Haunt the alleys

Wondering where

Their homeland’s

Honour went


In the bustle of neon nights

The shadows converge

On the wind chimes of past

Some say you can still hear them

Clinking in the night

In the alleys, and rural lands


Where demons still roam

And Yotsuya-Kaidan;

– Oiwa still dances

Across her bedroom chamber

Weeping in the twilight


Escape across the mountain roads in fear

To meet the gaze of Yama Uba

Crone, and ravenous witch

She will devour you whole


Run back to your sanctuary

Your neon-lit dreams

Tokyo & Osaka

Where temples run

And demons weep


Dying in the fire

Of Hiroshima

& Nagasaki

Where ashes scream

And demons fly


These are the lands

Of neon dreams


And horrors

To behold


Beautiful mountains, forests & cities

Lit in neon for all to see

The demons that still roam



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