The Market


It started with a flash. The entire earth was lit up in one brilliant white light blocking out the sun, moon, and stars for all to see, or not to see as was the case. I remember the very moment it happened the flash lasted a mere second and for a moment, I thought I was dead. But it happened again and again and again.

I was walking back to work on my break when it occurred, and everyone around me stopped and just stared blankly into the light of the sky. Wondering, just what was happening, people shouted and cursed up to the heavens & when the flashing stopped it was replaced with a constant hum and a deafening whirring of electric static.

All around me people fell to the floor, gasping for air, and I stood paralysed as the light shone down on me alone, and then there was only darkness. I was blind, unable to move or to speak and that’s when I heard it; the extinction. My sight returned and I was now standing in a small rectangular steel-walled room, looking out of a window to space.

The earth looked so small and insignificant, the moon too looked like a mote of dust like it could so easily be blown away into the distance. After a while of staring emptily out into the abyss of space, a voice came from overhead from the corner of the room, a speaker. It was alien to me, an entirely remarkable strange language that assaulted my ears and mind.

The voice went on for several minutes and after it had stopped talking, the earth was gone. Blown away in an instant, the moon with it and I watched in horror as my entire life vaporised before me with everything I had ever known down on that pale blue dot. Gone. The entire planet was gone, the moon too, moments after that the other planets were quickly destroyed. Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune they all went in the blink of an eye. I fell to the floor weeping.

The voice came back over the speaker, almost with an air of authority, and with that, the sun came into view drawing closer and closer. Again another flash, and again, and again, the sun was now captured in a white light as it began shrinking and was absorbed down to the size of an atom. I beat on the glass of the window screaming and shouting, with one last call on the speaker as it uttered a single word. And the room I stood in lit up with a strange blue hue.

I turned and fell to the floor with my back to the window, looking down at my naked body. Wondering, what had happened? Why had it happened? Where was I? Was I safe? And what would now happen?

I don’t know how long I spent in that small steel room, but the blue light emanated for hours like it was piercing me, studying me until I drifted off into slumber.

When I awoke the light was gone, and the window too. I stood in the cold metal room alone until another window opened from the other side. I approached slowly and witnessed the unspeakable putrid visage of my captors, fat orange spotted blobs stood before me. Their tentacles rubbed the window in astonishment, looking me up and down with their twelve eyes.

Aliens. I was aboard an alien spaceship, and the bastards had destroyed the entire solar system. For what? Me? It made no sense, none. I looked to the shortest one glaring him down with hatred in my eyes and they all broke into a sound of laughter, a sound that made me shiver.

They walked away seemingly uninterested in me any longer and wandered off to another cell down the hall, I looked and seen another prisoner another strange new alien that was also humanoid. The blobs looked it up and down speaking in hushed tones as the lizard-like alien banged on the glass. And it finally came to me I was an exhibition, in a zoo. The last human? In a zoo, a show & tell of various species for these strange tentacle slugs to stare at.

More and more groups of giant slugs came and went, waving at me with their appendages for hours on end. This continued for days & weeks, with only the spare few hours in between while I slept, ate, and relieved myself on the equipment that appeared out of the walls; to only disappear back into the flat steel as more visiting aliens came.

The window had closed again, and now the opposing window had re-opened as well as all my room’s furniture. I sat down on the chair and watched the stars go by in a rush that gave me vicious headaches to witness the ship come to a halt in front of another planet. It was then that the blue light came back on, and out of the walls vents appeared with a hissing pouring out of them, I dropped to the floor unconscious.


We were all shipped off out of our cells, me & other aliens with collars around on necks and chains on our hands and feet. Taken to a small ship and carted off into more cells, this time so small it made me claustrophobic and thrown in with barely enough space to sit down. The ship took off it was a nauseously bumpy ride. By the time the cell was opened again, the blobs scanned my collar and it beeped & glowed red. A dozen of us were taken out & were huddled into an open market on some new strange world.

In the middle of a bustling square with hundreds of different species all around me, I was taken on to a stand with six other aliens, and another human. My eyes near enough shot out of my head, as my neck swung to see her, another human being and a woman at that. There were only two of us and two of what must be each other aliens among the captives. As I stared at the woman I was struck across the face with a whip, the blob gargled in my face. I looked forward to see the market square in its entirety, rubbing the cut on my face.

A slave market, we were being sold. I was one of the first to go, a new hot item for sale. I went to a slender blue alien with craggy skin and teeth like a shark who wore white linens he carried a long sword at his side. I was given to the blue-man and he spun me around, molesting and groping me checking my muscles, teeth, eyes, and ears. He nodded in approval and threw a pouch to the blob and took hold of my leash. The blob scanned my collar again, it beeped and glowed blue.

The blue alien dragged me out the market through the crowd. I stopped mid-walk and my collar almost choked me to one knee, I looked back to see the woman still there. Two aliens were bidding on her. The leash tugged at me again, the blue-man waved his hand at me. I resigned myself & followed him into the unknown.


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