The Warrior & The Bard



The warrior slew the last of them

And came upon, by chance

A traveller

The traveller asked;

‘you there, fine sir.’

‘where might you be off to – ’

‘in such a hurry?’


The warrior pointed his axe at the horizon

‘to collect a bounty, for these heads’


The traveller smiled

Breaking into merriment

‘Ah, a hero! May I join you’

‘For you see I am a bard!’

‘no’ said the warrior


‘but I shall sing your songs, your triumphs’

‘your fame shall rise, even after your dear demise’

The bard broke into a song as he began walking with the warrior


The warrior again said ‘no’

The bard became insistent

‘my dear friend, you do not understand’

‘I am a bard, it is what I do’

The warrior feigned ignorance and said to him

‘you’re a what?’


‘a bard! A bard I said!’


‘a bard! I’m a bard!

The warrior rushed forward

To escape the pesky fool

‘you seem more a jester’


‘no, no, no I am a bard.’

‘you see.’


The warrior threw his axe

Killing the bard


And he was a bard no longer.


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