Dining On Dust


I was driving down route 66 on my way back to the motel, I had my shades on and the visor down as the sun was at its peak. Noon. Driving down the barren, dead desert of the Mojave, sweating my life blood away under that deadly heat of Arizona’s sky. The roads were empty and I was fiddling with the radio, Beck was playing – Loser, my anthem. I turned it on full blast drumming my fingers on the wheel, head banging and singing along as my car blew past the dust and lizards of the American west.

The horizon was that nauseous haze you get in extreme dry heat, and my throat was dry just looking at it. I leant over the passenger seat clawing at the glove box to grab a bottle of water, taking my eye off the road for just a moment while I refreshed myself. Gulping down the clear liquid, it was warm but it hit the spot. I threw the bottle to the side and wiped my mouth and suddenly the car bumped, I checked my rear view and skidded to a stop.

I hit something?

I composed myself and check the rear mirror again, then the side mirrors I couldn’t see anything so I rolled the car to the side of the road and got out. Walking over to the mysterious obstruction I hit. It turned out it was just a porcupine, still I’m not usually one for culling local wildlife so I did freak out a bit. It was my first ever roadkill, I looked at it as it was still twitching.

“Shit… sorry little guy,” I said as I prodded it with my heel seeing if any life still lingered in its broken and mangled body. It was half crushed and lying in a small pool of blood and guts. My stomach turned, I turned away holding an arm to my face, “eurghh.”

I walked back to the car cautiously, looking back, and opening my door. Loser was still playing I shut it off as I slammed the door and hit the pedal. A few more miles gone by slowly as I reduced my speed and drove in silence, the image of the little spiky corpse still floating around my head. A gas station was just up ahead, I needed some juice so I pulled in past a broken down muscle car.

The car was pretty busted up but looked good enough it had a ‘for sale’ sign stuck in the wipers, $600 a good deal if it wasn’t for the cracked windshield, and split leather seats. I went into the store and bought some drinks, and snacks from the zombie at the counter. He smiled at me with meth-teeth and handed me my change. I smiled back with my average yellows and rushed back to the car to fill up. ‘Creepy ole fuck’ I thought catching a glimpse of him in the reflection of window. I waved to him but he didn’t see me he just stared into his empty shop with those dull eyes as I left him to his wasteland.

I threw a cd on to take my mind off the guy, and got the hell out of the station leaving a trail of smoke behind. After an hour or two back on the desert, alone, and melting under the afternoon sun on a cloudless day the desert was opening up and becoming slightly greener, I was hopeful. I took a swig of some more water and spotted a silhouette up ahead. A hitchhiker. A woman, she waved to me with her thumb up to the sky I thought about leaving her but realised that it was summer, so I pulled over next to her.

She approached and I drew the window down, “Jesus, I thought you were a mirage for a second there. Can I get a lift?” I didn’t answer, but leant over and unlocked the door.

“Hop in.”

She slid in with sweaty thighs in denim shorts and legs crossed, her shirt soaked at the back and chest, revealing her ample chest. She shut the door, throwing a bag on the floor and pushed her dark hair back over her ear and shoved a hand in my face. “Name’s Karla.”

“Reggie,” I said back shaking her hand.

She smiled and eyed me up, her eyes scoping me up and down, “Any water? I’m dying,” I pointed to the glove box, she uncrossed her legs. And opened the glove box taking the bottle that was already open, swigging the rest down in one gulp. Gasping she leant back stretching her arms and unfastening the top buttons on her shirt. “Sorry, heh it’s hot. Haven’t seen a summer like this in a while.”

“Where yah headed? Anywhere I can drop you off?” I said looking at her, she smiled and turned to me nudging me and waving her hand around.

“Well, I haven’t got any money on me, so, sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, I wouldn’t take it anyway,” I said forcing a smile.

She looked at me again and I knew, that look in her eye. She laughed at nothing and I swerved along the road jumping slightly as a voice echoed in my head. That same voice as I always heard, every time something was about to happen I heard the same voice and it came from the suitcase on the back seat. ‘Those damn papers’ I thought, swearing under my breath.

“REGGIE – Reggie – REGGIE,” the voice whispered in hushed infernal tones.

She couldn’t hear it, something else was operating her mind now and I could only put it down to what it always was, that damn contract. ‘Leave me alone’ I thought begging to the case at the back – it hadn’t even been one day since it last awoke. And again here in the desert of all places it awoke again, taking hold of Karla.

She looked at me and was rolling her shoulders smiling like a crazed bitch in heat, “So I could think of another way – to you know, pay… for the ride. As thanks for picking me up Reggie,” she said with a hand on my lap stroking my knee gently. I nodded, “yeah, whatever makes you happy babe.”

She tug at the buttons on her shirt and had it off before the blink of an eye and threw it at me, CHRIST! I swerved the car again, reaching and grabbing the shirt and threw it behind me trying my best to regain control. Karla undone her seatbelt and flung her hair over her shoulder then began clawing at my belt and jeans. I breathed deep, trying to keep my cool and keep my attention on the road as she pulled my dick out – and deposited it into her wet mouth.

I was hard despite thinking about her bare breasts, as she sucked and licked me. Her head bouncing up and down in a regular motion. She giggled and gagged. And I breathed and coughed. Stroking the wheel gently to restrain any desire to guide her head. Gripping the wheel tighter and tighter as she sucked and spat, then Karla sat up and planted her lips on mine. The wettest, sloppiest, and not to mention the nastiest kiss I’d received in a few weeks. Her tongue explored my throat as I kept one eye on the road and the other covered in her brown hair. She held me close with her arms around me and whispered down my ear. “Pull over,” in a sensuous sexy voice.

How could I resist?

I planted the car by a cactus and she slid her shorts off, mounting me, leaving her boots on. Karla grabbed my hands and placed one on her breast and the other on her ass as she slid down onto me, gasping. She seemed to vibrate all over and arched her back moving backwards and forwards till she rumbled into a faster pace, breaking her gasp – her breath became a moan and then a slight scream.

“Ohh yes, yeah – yeah fuck me. Oh Reggie, yeah. Don’t stop.”

Both my hands were on her ass now and I thrusted as she pounced down harder with each second, she bit my ear and climaxed. Karla started beating my chest and grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me again looking at me, “Are you gonna come?”

I nodded to her and tried to speed up to finish per her request but it just wouldn’t come. I was all dry, not a single drop came out and that beautiful sexy lust-filled face contorted into anger as she came to a stop. “ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?”

“Yeah sure, baby just give me a minute.”

She leant back and slapped me across the face. Fuck that hurt. Karla jumped off me and sat back in her seat and grabbed her bag, pulling a gun out of it pointing it at me. “JESUS CHRIST WOMAN, what the fuck?!”

“It’s Karla! The least you could do is remember my name you asshole. Can’t even come, can’t even remember my name! What am I too ugly for you?” I shook my head looking for words, there weren’t any. She pushed the barrel of the gun to my temple, “Of course not Karla, look, look calm down okay. You’re a beautiful woman, okay. Can we just – talk – put the gun down,” I said bargaining her as I reached for the gun.

“Make one more move and I’ll blow your head off, old man!” She said screaming pushing my head to the window with the gun in my eye now.

“Okay – okay – I’m sorry. I’M SORRY.”

“Get out of the car,” she said.


“Did I fucking stutter? Out the car old man.”

I didn’t argue, I reached for the door and pushed it open slowly stepping out with my dick still out. And went to close the door but Karla jumped forward flinging my suitcase at me.

“Take your shit with you! You useless fuck.”

And with that she slammed the door and sped away with my car, my luggage, and my typewriter. I laid on my back and elbows in the sand and dust of the Mojave, sweating and bleeding where the gun had cut me. Looking up to that clear blue sky. On the horizon Karla disappeared into the distance, and I felt a twitch. My prick came pouring forth with white hot juice, all over my jeans.


I stood up and put it away, grabbed my suitcase and headed back to the gas station ready to barter with the zombie for the cut up mustang. Walking through the dying heat, dining on the dust she left me in.


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