Clean cut wonderful princess, in seamless floral pink and sunshine, too.

Disney pop lady of olde, awaiting the knight in shining armour.

But while she waits, what’s the harm, she thought.

With a fall into hedonism.

One night stands, sex with strangers, chauvinists, and nobodies.

The morning after she’ll still sparkle, her smile and eyes gleam a perfect innocence.

She’s not a slut, not a bimbo, not a cheap floozy.

She’s the old fashioned girl.

She tells you, as she blushes.

The carriage awaits her beautiful figure, late in the night in that elegant long dress.

Glass slippers, and red roses that wilt the night’s years away.

Living atop the emerald palace that brushes the white cloud on clear blue sky days.


No. Not this maiden. She’s a perfect Disney princess, model of innocence.

Save the bareback, rough dusk of decadence for when the anxiety fades.

And she skips along to your side, waiting cheekily –

For you to hold the door open for her.

And you do, naturally.

After all, it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.


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