The Rabbit’s Heart Ticked



The first time I held a rabbit

It was calm, loving, and adorable

I felt that it felt safe in my hands

And it was.


The second time I held a rabbit in my hands

It kicked, scratched, and screeched

The second rabbit was as perfectly safe in my hands

I wasn’t going to harm either of these precious little beasts

So why did the second rabbit panic?


I think the main difference between the two of them

Was the time that separated each event.

The first time I was a child

The second; an adult.

And as I held tightly onto that second rabbit

I realised why it broke out in a panic

Why its heart beat faster and faster.


Several years ago, I went on holiday

I tried a few new things

Visiting various restaurants

Tasting many delicious meats;

-Swordfish, Calamari, Rainbow Trout, Shark, and even Snails

The last one was not delicious

Really awful, I still dread that taste.

But in all those new found treats in strange meats.

There was one that caught my taste buds

Rabbit. Rabbit, obviously.


I first tried it in Crete

I had Rabbit in white wine

And since then I’d had it a couple more times

Served, and cooked in different forms.


And looking back at that second Rabbit

Kicking, clawing, scratching, and screeching in my hands

I felt amused, and hollow at the same time

The rabbit knew I’d tasted its brethren

And knew I’d enjoyed it

Really, it had become one of my favourites.


And for that, I’d never again be able

To approach another rabbit again


It’s a bizarre feeling

Having an animal be scared of you

Usually, dogs love me

Cats, do too – well at least the ones who aren’t assholes

And even others, snakes, hamsters, etc.


But rabbits, well damn

Now every time I see one

I think; yeah cute

But also; dinner


And that damn rabbit

Who broke into our yard

Shivering, kicking, and biting me.

Till I dropped it, with scratches

Up & down my hands

Never came near me again

& I never went near him either


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