Dreams Of The Soul-Sick Fiery Fool



The House is on fire

& the kids are eating ice-cream.

Mama’s ironing jeans

Suspiciously ignoring the

Dinner in the oven.

Father’s screaming

And chasing us out,

He’s on the phone calling help.

The neighbour’s dog is barking &

Scratching the walls.

And I’m sitting in my room

Reading my books

Inhaling smoke,

& chilling to soft-guitar

As it pours through my headphones

With eyes open as the fire reaches

My bedroom door.

It breaks through

& I’ll sit here still

Basking in the heat

Of mama’s burnt dinner

And I’ll let it consume me.

A fireman hoses the fires out

Panicking at the sight of me

As I lay still – in the ashes of myself

It was all I ever wanted, after all

And now the fire has feasted

And I sit happy & crispy

Ready, for dinner.

I ask Mama as she sweeps

Me up in a dust pan;

‘Is there any ice-cream left?’


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