Keys To Colombia


In the dark of night standing on the balcony of my villa. Looking down on the gardens of my estate, the pool, and ponds still as my nerves as I stroke the metal of the ornate railings on my terrace. Wearing the bathrobe my mistress bought me and the pyjamas my wife bought me, as I breathe in the cool air of 4 am under the Columbian sky of South America. The air is still and silent, in the background Carmen, my mistress, sleeps under rich silk sheets snoring lightly as I look back at her.

I look across my estate to the building opposite, my manor is vast, and defies the land I purchased. The wife, Mia, sleeps in that building and she knows I float between each house from her to Carmen every other day. She doesn’t care. She’s looked after and has no worries. Both Carmen & Mia, it seems sleep soundlessly.

But the guards stalk down in the gardens, carrying automatic rifles patrolling along their regular routines, they’re waiting for it. And so am I. But they’ll be nothing they can do when they come. And the very notion drives me sick with waiting, keeping me from resting next to Carmen. I haven’t slept in three days. Every morning, every afternoon, and now even in the dead of night I wait looking out into the countryside waiting for the sirens to come over the horizon.

An hour later it happened. They came, smashing my villa doors in awakening everybody from their silence to put me into mine. Hordes of drugs seized, several guards killed, the others arrested. And Carmen & Mia looking at me with hollow eyes ready to dip into the savings to buy me out of hell once again.

I laugh under my breath as they drag me off and throw me into the van, slamming the door behind me. And finally I can rest, my nerves dissipate and I fall into a deep snooze as I’m carted off to another penitentiary. Ready to bargain, plea & lie my way out of court once more.

Three months later, several key witnesses mysteriously disappear, the judge changed his mind and half the jury found the evidence lacking. And so here I am again looking out over my balcony, with a smile and a cigar at noon as Carmen calls me back to bed.




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