Nightmares At Noon


The summer slowly cooked me

Jealous & jaded of chances and memories gone by

Thinking of mistakes, errors, and clichés

Sleeping uneasy with crimson eyes

Swearing, turning and waking in cold sweat

In summer heat


Still clutching my chest of injuries

Sustained in dreams and nightmares

-Oh these scars of illusions haunt me still


Wings ripped from my back

Cracked ribs, & wolf’s claws to my face

Poison in the needles & glass in my toes


Dreams & nightmares thrust me into Salem

In the bowels of the inquisition

Staring down Rasputin

As horses pull us apart

And Lothbrok cleaves my flesh


Damn these dreams

Nightmares like cancer

In the heat of day

Blue sky – black sky it makes no difference


Nightmares at noon

Leaves me sweating

Looking up into the heatstroke

Of madness & imaginary scars


Wishing for the fiends & mares to slink off my chest

And go back into the twisted arms of Fuseli

So I can flick that lamp on again

Ready for final horrors

In these early hours


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