Roseanna Pt. 2



I know you never wanted me,

& hell I probably never wanted you either.


I’m just writing to the ghost of a memory

Gone by. A thought I can’t even recall.


You sat there in the corner of the room

Pupils glaring and glowing at me.

Across from me opposite smiling

& laughing across the table.


Having dinner, drinking and conversing.

And I wasn’t evening listening, my mind

Was elsewhere thinking of someone else.


You’re eyes & heart seemed genuine

But I guess my words never sank in.

You were my drug for so long… but now

I don’t even know.

If this poem is for you


Or someone else


I could write you another letter

Maybe even give it to you this time.


But the ink dries faster than my nerves shake

& it just isn’t worth it, after all



It was your sister

Not you

She struck me down

With thunder in her eyes

& fire in her mouth


You were just in the crosshairs

And fell prey to me next.

Roseanna… I’m not sorry

& I’m not even sure

If you are either.


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