Odin Met Zeus


The last thing I remember was stepping off that high horse, falling down on bended knee into the sands of yesteryear. With blue sky overhead & red sun looming over the horizon, & sandstorms approaching. I split the skulls of my foes down into the death of the land. Feasting on the mirages of the land as time passed me by till starvation cut me down, and I gorged on the horse standing idly by my wild eye.  Wind coursing through my veins as the cacti stung my mind. I was one with the desert, and it was my temple to the toga-clad fools. My thousand foot journey bringing destruction to the peasants & kings around me, leaving only whores & queens around. Feeding molten gold to the beasts at my feet.

The demon’s laughter echoes abound as I fornicate with the angels in the bronze sands of Pluto’s madness & Mar’s rage. Drowning in illusion – swimming in delusion as Zeus fills my glass screaming his wisdom down my throat. Hera watches me all night long as mortal after immortal worships my flesh and feeds my hounds, gulping down my lifeblood to gain insight into my being. I regale them all with song & dance, and my spectacular lance leaving them mired in a perfect trance. Disappearing behind the drapes, taking the last of Olympus’s grapes. And their kingdom’s harvest quenches my thirst as I fly onwards to the next venture.

The first thing I remember is quivering in that relic world of snow, blood, & stone. With giants pouring forth. And I raise my spear, my ravens fly high, my dogs howl ready for more ghastly fowl. My horse born again neighing in the night, its hooves stomping down the blizzard I walk. Frozen titans step down from their cold thrones and meet my gaze and we shake fist with fist. As the world rumbles as another fable is told of the coming of Odin. Here I stand in the cold, ready to fight, fuck, love, & behold. Come forward giants to face your doom.


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