This Beautiful World


The cannibals taught me how to wave my flag

The junkies taught me how to live

In the undead heat that we rot under

The thieves patronise me & the murderers owe me

Pieces of their fractured heart

Rapists, woman beaters, & the dipsomaniacs

They owe me a living – as the jack counts his diamonds


Homeless monsters skulking in the shadows

Under bridges, doorways, and forgotten tunnels

Their eyes light up in the dark like foxes on the hunt

Merchants flashing their fleshy goods

Kids holding up liquor stores with water guns

Nerds stabbing the bullies into bloody pulp

Teachers making students famous


Pigeons & rats circling me at dusk

Cockroaches, & flies

Crawling over me at dawn


Rapists, woman beaters, & the dipsomaniacs

Sitting on broken benches, in the shadow feasted parks

Waiting for the train to reach their vice


Broken glass, needles, & stamped rocks

Cutting my feet on the 21st-century plague

Of the damned metropolises

As I watch all those bastards go by

Under my hateful eye

While I stand in this rain


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