Standing in front of the mirror

Her face warped and gross

Hideous, fat, & ugly

She grabs the razor and goes to bed

In the morning the tears have dried

And the scars have clotted

Brushing her frizzy awful hair

Leaving for work after throwing

Up last night’s food


Everyone stares

Eyes up and down her body

She feels the weight of their stare

She’s grotesque

‘I’m fucking ugly’

‘I hate myself’

‘I wish I was pretty’

‘I wish I was dead’

It’s all she ever says

Fake smiles, hollow eyes

And a lump in her throat

Getting by in her

Daylight disguise

And everyday men stare at

Her in surprise


The thousand eyes on her

Add another track mark

On her plump thighs

Broken mirrors, ripped shirts

& another coat of makeup

The razor sings to her

Deep into the night

Quelling those thoughts

‘I’m grotesque’


But everyday men stare

Wanting that beautiful girl

Looking her up & down

All they can think is

‘How beautiful you are’


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