These Worthless Thoughts

Fear swimming through the neurons

Trepidation oozing through his cortex

Drowning in creativity – and floating by

Through the every day, through those

That carpool, hike, fork, spit and save


These people seem very sick to me

Happy, safe, and mundane

These people are the ants upon the hill

Turnings cogs & wheels

Bringing our nest forward

It’s a matter of sanity

Restraint, constraint, & fortitude

People with patience

Who abide the falsity


I can’t march to the common beat

This tune is ever so sickening

I’m lazy I’ll admit

And I just want to kick back

In the luxury suite


I’ve worn many faces

And every time I pull my hood down

Something new appears

I never know who will appear

I’m hot & cold

Standard, chaotic, and bipolar

Anxious, thankless & all to done

With society and its mental taxes


All I can hope for

Is to refill my glass

And swig down the fiery water

Stealing, and killing the fools who came before


To bring me fresh thoughts

To last me another day

So these waves pass

And another chemical flows into me

Passing me off into a new mood – to let me make it, to another day


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