The Fairy & The Dragon Pt. 2


The Dragon’s Red Tail


The land blossomed green, with drizzle, & the song of birds

And the sound of children’s laughter. Even still. In towns, and villages

The bustling inns roared with merriment of drunken folks swaying

In the breeze of night.


And along cobbled paths, and aside warm hearths; all was well.


The moon was full, fat, and red.

Stars danced on cloudless sky.

Lakes & rivers sung their lullabies.


Across great distances, past beautiful palaces and bastions of man

There laid a forest, old, and wise, creaking in the twilight.

Speaking to foxes, crows, & squirrels.

Of its joy.


Total joy


For you see

Upon that night

There was what was

Laid bare a righteous lair

That housed and sheltered

The forest’s soul


Guarded by a mighty troll.


Deep beneath an ancient oak

There broke an egg, among a delicate nest

Whose proud crest flaunted a mark


Of power.


It was of course…

A Dragon’s Nest.


Beautiful, supple, and rare


A crying came calling

Squealing, and crying

Through cracks of its shell

Scaly, and hardy

A green nostril laid bare

Through the grey of that

Deathly rare egg.


Steam rising from this nest


Its feeble breath low and humming

Calling out to all who could hear

To all who wish to hear

The sound of legend


Made flesh.




Now along came a spider

It’s dark hairy legs swift and fast

Crawling along the forest floor

On the hunt for tonight’s final meal.


It’s creepy eyes, eight in all

Scanning the forest floor

And within its web

Were the many flies

Its sight had caught in a gaze

That was indeed most foul.


The black spider seemed to glide

Along the wood, over leaf, root, and mud

Soundlessly stalking the young.


And there it stung a wretched beast

Injected its fatal venom

The poor animal had fallen prey

Twisting in agony, & pain

As the black spider feasted.


Once more.




Now upon a steady ripple

The moon shone on the face of a lake

Where screams of euphoria echoed

And fireflies sparkled


Dancing alongside the stars

For the moon’s silvery esteem.


At the foot of a rose bush

That stood hugging

A worn ash tree

A door blew open


No larger than a pinecone

Or fallen fruit. From this door

A cluster of fairies exited

Their hidden abode.


As the night was ceasing

So too was their orgy.


And as a butterfly landed

Wafting its coloursome wings

A sixth time, the fairies vacated

Dispersing into the night

All along and from the forest

Back home.


Then there she stood

Our fairy.


Our Tabitha


Blue of skin, purple of wing

White of mane – And light of foot.

She crept out lastly and carefree

Breast and body abare

To the cold and damp

Of the morning dew


Ready for slumber.


Tabitha bid farewell to lovers

& strangers alike, fluttering

In the mild wild


Blowing kisses to all.


Drunken, bloated, & sated

The pretty little fairy

Stumbled teetering off

Down roads of clay


Singing a sweet song.


Her wings gleaming

Shining and ethereal

In the red sunrise

Of morning.


“Tabitha, Tabitha, oh Tabitha

Sweet blue fae of the rising

Day, take yourself home

Sweet pea.

Before the spiders come

And you shall see

Naught another day

Or another fae,” she sang softly.


This song for you see

Was a common lyric

Through all fairy subjects

A song of faedom

And a warning too


Of that might which come.


Upon the forest floor

There rests many a

Great many creatures


Great & small


Some who crawl

Some who walk

Some who fly

Some who even climb

Or slither


And others to talk.

But always those that



When hungry creeps prowl.


“Tabitha, oh Tabitha.

Sweet Fairy girl

Find your dear

Sweet way home,”


The pretty blue fairy recited once more

But was suddenly caught off guard.


A deep, and solemn voice

& her slim legs trembling

As it spoke anew.


“Tabitha, oh Tabitha

Come hither – come hither

Oh Tabitha,” came the raspy voice.


Our fairy turned in the limelight

Seeking a call most vile.


For it was the spider

Black, ugly, and hairy.

Eight legs, eight eyes

In all.


It hissed and groomed its sinister fangs

Wiping away a poison

Most poisonous


A stream of sunlight illuminated

Its eyes and again

It hissed


Preening its fangs

Eying up the young

Luscious fairy


A meal most delightful



Tabitha gasped

Floating unsteadily


Then it was gone

She looked around

Turning in a whirlwind

Searching the forest floors, & trees


For that sinister spider.


Tabitha flew higher

And higher

Yet higher still

Feeling her belly gut

Weigh her still


The spider was gone

In a flash of sun

A spider could be near


And she shook in fear.




A low mewing came upon her pointed ears

Tabitha, now gliding easily by – high above

The forest floor. Her feet grazing the tree tops

And the wind nipping her bare breast


She heard the calls of a mewing so fair.


‘What is that mewing I do hear?’

‘of what creature does call’

‘a baby to be sure’


The sun was peaking among the horizon

The day’s sky awakening

Clouds from night prior vanishing

And sound carried all about



Tabitha swayed in the light wind

Flying free and drunken

High on life and air

That gaunt little fairy

Laughed and cried


Following that soft baby call.


Now, as it mightn’t surprise you

Fairies in all, have the sweetest

Of forms – shapely bodies

Pointed ears, full lips & hips

Surely they are the forests finest



They certainly have excellent hearing, sight, and sense of smell.

And about them a wonderful smell – vagrant like roses & lavender.

But sensuous & crude, their night time escapades

Are not at all tame.


So the thought of fairies being role models

Is most absurd – as who could look up

While looking down at these shy

& devilish nymphs?


But many still do.


Again the call from not so far

Tabitha swung in the morning breeze

Swirling, curling and hugging her petite

Frame. She descended like a leaf –

Caught in beams of autumn


Faintly to forest floor.


Upon chance of a ghastly sight

But safe to chance – it was a troll

Caught in sunlight – trapped in stone.

Never one to fret Tabitha skipped merrily

To the mewing that had caught her

In a siren so bold.


The fairy creeped closer

Light-footed & stalking

To that strange enchanting



Clawing at ancient oak

To peek her tiny head

Around the wood


In her surprise she found

A nest of strange eggs

Tabitha shook – in a tremble

Fear & panic


For she thought

It must be a bird’s nest

And mother could be near

And she was in clear danger

To be sure.


But of scale & heat the eggs

Hummed – a heavy breathing

Escaping only one of the mighty eggs.

And a nose laid bare & with it steam



Dragons of course.

Tabitha rested easy for she was in no danger

As dragons nest for long & yet elders

Often forget how rare these beasts

Appear. A crackling came.


A crackling came – a shell breaking

And a dragon mewing.

The fairy flew closer

Enticed by a sight so rich.


She laid her head upon that giant egg

Hearing the little beast squirm and beat

It’s heartbeat strong & lively.


A tear fell from the fairy

A tear of joy – for she knew

How magical this day was

That a dragon should be born


Then a crunching came

A dark, deep, foul crunching

A crunching dark upon her ear.

She jumped back to cast her gaze

On the rest of the nest.


And find the spider to behold.

The black spider hungry and devoid

Of fairy flesh – now feasting on dragon flesh

Tabitha cried lowly floating idly in terror

As the babes of lore perished in her

Petrified leer.


What was poor Tabitha to do

But quiver?


Speedily & greedily

The black spider fed & mauled

Half of the nest – cleaving its way

Through the tough scaly shells.

The fairy glided to the floor

Trembling in fright


Hugging the egg she found.


But worry not dear child

For this tale ends not

As dragons though fragile at birth

Are hardy & fiery in worth.


Tabitha grew in size, bravery shifting

The little fairy in her fae fury

Jolted to meet the black spider

Cursing its terrible fangs and full belly

With a blast of magic


Blinding the monster in a daze.


And fairy aided dragon.

Punching & scratching at that scaly shell

Till the baby broke free, and a mewing ceased

But to roar in smoky breath

The spider did see its final meal



The dragon bolting out

Exiting the stench filled burrow

Running along that fateful forest floor.


Past troll & oak, river and stone

Watching & guarding its path

Outrunning the black devil

That had orphaned it.


Out of breath, the dragon stopped

Gasping and panting. Its green body shimmering

In sweat and his mouth dry and smokeless,

His tail burning and red.


He dropped down beside a pool

Exhausted and withered.


And high above upon a tree branch

A fairy watched

Her eyes glowing & growing

In sight of that pitiful wretch

Lost & in love she fell down

Beside that beautiful beast.


Treading carefully along its path

Witnessing legend made flesh

Tabitha breathed deep

Hoping to not be made a meal

By the baby, she had saved


She tiptoed past it

With it not caring with a glimpse


She bent down over that pool

Cupping water in hand

To feed that dear sweet



And the dragon gulped

And drank of the water – smiling

All the while upon his saviour.


He crept closer to her & on the pool

He did drink – mouthfuls & mouthfuls

His breath returning, his smoke rising

Once more.


And that beautiful red tail

Cooling and shifting

Turning a calm clear green

That she had seen.


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