The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 3

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The Bonds That Form

A friendship is born

And so it was that they had met: Tabitha a sweet young fairy and a young hatchling of a dragon bonded together in eternal friendship. It was of the same day that the two had met on their chance encounter that she had first spoken to he, fluttering in flight close to his side watching him wearily in chance that he was peckish, and thought of eating her. She was as a bug after all & young dragons often ate of the forest’s insect life.

“I suppose it is that you do not have a name ruffling?” She said in near a whisper still in wise caution. The dragon never spoke for how could it, it was barely a day old and all he knew of life was of talkative fairies, evil spiders, and leaves & trees. It’s green head turned meeting her gaze  – his grey eyes, stoic, yet ignorant spoke of the coming wisdom he might one day possess, he snorted a cloud of smoke and licked his scaly lips with a forked tongue.

Tabitha’s face contorted with puzzlement and awe as she swayed from his left to his right and over his spiked shoulders – he was a thing of great ghastly bewilderment to her. And she was a sight of sheer beauty to him, a dancing colourful blinding light that seemed to guide him through the woods.

She felt a sense of ease come over the atmosphere, and breathed easy, she felt free once more and the dragon was careless and truly as a calm child in her company. Tabitha took the chance and slowly glided down upon his shoulders, resting on his scaly skin. The dragon glanced back at her and tasted the air once more with that forked tongue and kept walking the forest floor.

The hours passed idly, slow & tranquil but it seemed like mere minutes to the happy pair. When at last they exited the forest, leaving the last tall trees at their back, and the dragon hissed as the sun blinded him slightly. Tabitha stroked his brow, humming a song to soothe him. She smiled at the sight of the blue skies, though comforting to her it was alien to the dragon.

“Don’t fret my dear, tis only the sky. And you’re a dragon after all – before long you shall call those blue curtains home,” he looked to her, “once your wings have sprouted I shall teach you to fly my lovely.” She said stroking one of his horns, he purred in response and let out a high pitched crackle with a few embers pouring forth from his snout.

“My what a day we have had, and yet, we have yet to be formally introduced,” she said smiling, “My name is Tabitha, I am a fairy. But of course, it is clear my scaly friend that the day’s events have robbed you of much. A family. A parentage. Even a legacy that was to be yours,” the dragon looked back staring at her paying her word every notice. “It is clear to me that you so should desperately need a name should we be accompanying each other,” she said bending low and hugging the dragon as she rode his broad shoulders.

“I will call you Mythiel. For it is a name of strength & precious rarity – among the fae, Mythiel was a hero of olde & I predict upon my wings that you shall live up to his legend little Mythiel. YES. I have foreseen it in the dust, and so it shall be mighty dragon,” the dragon offered a fiery smile filled with teeth and tongue as fire-brewed in its throat. And then it spoke.


The fairy’s eyes raised, and she clapped her hands applauding him – her laughter and happiness filled Mythiel onwards to further lessons. She stroked his brow again, “Can you say Tabitha?” she said with pouted lips.


“Well, I suppose I am to be that, for now at least. And I shall be as happy as a drunken gnome to be it for you Mythiel, yes, I suppose I am yours and you can be mine till the end of our days,” she said laughing with love and warmth in her soul.


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