The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 4


First Steps

A hard world

On the edge of a glade; a hare sat chewing a lump of grass in perfect solitude. Unbeknownst to the hare, at the centre of the glade under a mound of weeds sat a young dragon, and a fairy lazily snoozing atop the petals of a bushel of daisies.

The dragon, Mythiel, was a week old ruffling was a vibrant and craggy scaly creature of green & brown skin, blending into the weeds wonderfully. And his elder mentor & adoptive mother, Tabitha, the fairy, was a delightful mischievous purple & blue fairy with white hair. She laid happily camp & gay on the flowers breathing in their worldly scent under the crystal clear blue sky. The hare chewed & chewed eating the grass.

And Mythiel staring & prowling about the glade under watchful eye of mother. Seeking, circling, and tailing the little hare. Mythiel looked to Tabitha, her hair flowing over the petals as she snored gently, he said: “Tabby, I’m not so sure of this – it is but an innocent little hare. What am I to do? This just doesn’t seem rather fair…”

Tabitha laid ever so still, and not an eye did flutter, as she replied to her little chick.

“Dear sweet pea. You have a lot to learn of the world – though beautiful & wonderful it may be, life is not as it is at all. For you see little dragon as innocent as we may be there is always the stories that shan’t ever be told. The tales that send children off into slumber seem so sweet yet, sadly one must learn of this world and even children do discover this dreadful secret, sooner or later.”

Mythiel looked to mother his big grey eyes growing & tearful, Tabitha spoke up again.

“It is but life my sweet child, a part of nature. And so as we live others die. Death is one step on the circle of life, though sad it does have its purpose – that which dies nourishes the living. Trees, flowers and new life pour forth at the site of such tragedy. So now you see sweet pea, we too must partake in life’s foul business. Does the rabbit care not for the plants it rips from the earth?”

“But that is different surely, it is just grass after all,” said the dragon.

“Life is life. The grass breathes, sleeps, eats, and it lives. It is a part of the earth and all things that feed are indeed alive, so shouldn’t it too feel the pain of the rabbit’s teeth? If you do not take the rabbit then shouldn’t anything else; a fox, an owl, a human?”

“It matters naught what we do, my love in the name of life. For we too will one day be gone. We are here to live, to laugh, to love, even to kill, but also to spring forth new life also.”

The dragon nodded to the fairy, his horned brow crackling with heat as he stepped forward towards the hare. Beginning his chase for breakfast. The hare sat softly munching happily away throughout the day, but suddenly it’s big floppy ears began twitching. And Mythiel took chase – scrambling across the glade with eyes set on the fuzzy hare, he came near, and the hare took off in instant fear clipping the dragon’s nose with its sharp claws. Escaping back into the forest.

Mythiel stood in the grass left tired, & hungry, and with a cut upon his scaly nose. Tabitha flew near seeing the dragon bleed, and fail, smiling softly to him.

“Never mind dear,” she said.

The dragon held his nose with his paw, with blood dripping slightly.

“We can’t always succeed, but that mustn’t stop us from trying,” she said as she held him close, smiling as the hare ran off.


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