The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 5


A dragon’s bedtime

Legends for us


Tabitha, the fairy & Mythiel the dragon sat around a campfire, it was night. Mythiel was feeling rather sleepy, and Tabitha sat atop his nose stroking his scales singing him a soft lullaby – telling him stories and bidding him a good night. She had serenaded the ruffling of the great fae legends and tales of man all night but the little dragon was not yet tired.

Mythiel listened and listened, taking the stories in all the while in a quiet embrace as the two lovingly enjoyed one another’s company. It was often on nights like this in these past few months that they talked for hours & hours, and in the days wandered the countryside.

It was agreed that once Mythiel had sprouted his wings and was able to fly that he should take heed of the many towns in the kingdom, and even, the cities still. He did long to see these things of wonder; people, towns, shops, and markets. But Tabitha had warned him of the dangers that humans possess – especially to a dragon so young, and little as he.

The fire crackled a few embers as it was going out dying in the twilight of the dark moor, Tabitha stroked the dragon’s nose nudging him further inwards to the fire. And he spat a ball of fire & flames renewing their camp, heating the wood to a burning bonfire to last the rest of the night.

It was then that she told him the last story of the night; the story of that fateful dryad that guarded a village from an evil witch. The little dragon raised his head into the air, turning as the wind howled to them, he stopped, considering the idea of spirits & of life after death.

“What was the point of that story Tabby?” He said, confused and weary.

She laid back on his snout brushing her white locks back, laying in her beautiful purple wings and said: “Why must it have a point little one? Might it not just be a simple moment in time, to love & cherish?”

“All stories have a point,” said the dragon. The fairy smiled, “Maybe some don’t,” she said. Mythiel said nothing more, dipping his head into the weeds to fall softly off into dreams. And Tabitha too began to snore.


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