Do you believe in zombies?

I do – not Romero’s

Or Haiti’s demonised voodoo

But zombies

Hell maybe you’re a zombie too


Couldn’t you tell?

If you were or if you weren’t.


Have you ever stood on the edge of the

Platform at the train station?

Or waiting for a bus to work

Have you ever stood patiently in line?

Drunken and cold at the end of a good night

Or a bad night – for a taxi


Hell, don’t you look like a sheep

Like cattle forming queues

Awaiting your turn


Next time you’re at;

-the taxi rank

-the bus stop

-the train station

-the airport

-the stadium

-the supermarket

I could go on…


Take a step back

And watch the sheep rush forward first

Sometimes you can even hear them bleat

Then you’ll know that you were a zombie


I swear I’m a zombie

Self-aware little zombie

Shuffling along the city streets

Moaning & cursing the weekly notes


Don’t you think?

That you’re a zombie?

– – I do, and I’m still shuffling on.


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