New-York Broadway Blues

Betty Rattle had the blues

A dark haired pale tame lady

White gloves, black dress, red lips

Nineteen teenage beauty

Set her eyes & heart upon



Broadway, baby

Lost in smoke & jazz

In the concrete jungle


Auditions by day

Rejection by night


Powdering those rosy cheeks

With innocence & sultry hips

She caught the acting gigs

Hungry and thirsty for

Classy limelight


Betty Rattle couldn’t

Get the gig

She took up waitressing


Years & months rolling by

In the Broadway blues

Rejection slips & evictions notices

Piling up at the door


And as Betty lost that glamour in her eye

She got the one gig, took the cues

Hit her marks


Betty Rattle was a star

Stars in her beautiful eyes

Limelight on that trim

Desirable figure

God, what a beauty


Betty Rattle the Broadway diva

Face over the posters

A national sensation

Fifteen minutes too late

Betty Rattle rattled

Trapped in that limelight


Broadway blues struck

Her down – & Betty

Hit the drink


Shows by night

Parties’ day & night

Drink & coke by jazz light


Smoke, sniff, and smile

That beautiful smile

Powdering those pale nostrils

& sickly cheeks


Tablets, vodka, cocktails

The fans no longer flock to her

After the tapes


Betty Rattle all over the tabloids

Her addiction across the board

The swarms of men all

Had her


And Betty stood on

That hotel balcony

Staring out at Broadway

With her Broadway blues


Empty glass in hand

Pills in mind


Powder on show

And Betty Rattle

Baring it all


For the cops next morning

-found dead in her room


Betty Rattle dead

Just another deceased starlet

Gone to drugs & drink and youth

What a waste love

Well, it’s no loss


A thousand more Jane’s

Litter these streets

Ready to dance, sing, act

And soak up


The New-York Broadway Blues



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