Dracula’s Coat


I saw Dracula on the dancefloor

The lord & devil of the Carpathians

Dancing in disco light

With laughter & gold in those cold eyes

Gliding around the dancefloor

Around loose women, with open necks

Young girls in flared pants & glittering heels

Taking his dead devil’s hand

On the dancefloor


Dracula left the club

Drunken, singing & cast about

With divas on his arms

And chains on his chest

Howling for taxis

With the children of the night

Slurring his dreadful novelty

Down her promiscuous heart


Back in the disco, on the dancefloor

I found the count’s coat

– Dracula’s Coat


I could have chased him down

Return it to him.

But it sure does look good on me


Dracula’s Coat

I have the count’s coat

And it sure looks good

On me







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