Roads Of Death

The little crying girls weep in the face of Mengele

Walking on gravestones chasing Schindler

Through his pot & pan breadcrumb trail

Hearing him wail in the dust

As wolves gnaw at cattle


Stone faced ghosts litter walls

Under hay & claw marked screeches

That echo into eternity


Skulls on collars & twisted hearts

Tainted with cyanide

Spraying their vile ovens

With pesticide


These walking skeletons

With empty eyes & golden jaws

Flowing in the wind of yesterday

Through the dying light of

The menorah & the fading memories

Of the dead roses & stale sweets


As silhouettes call to them

Decorating plaques

With rocks strewn about

For their marble contempt


These hollow-faced ghosts

Walked the road of death

Fodder for factories of sadism


Now I myself walk the empty

Roads of death

Casting rocks for stripes

Flashing before me

At the gates of hell


I walk the road of death

But death lives here

No more


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