To Bohemia – If You Please – Bohemian


Oh, you hedonists & libertines

Oh, the chauvinists

& swine in all


You filthy vagabonds, vagrants,

And rogues


Come aboard, let us sail

Into the depths of sovereignty

With Rimbaud at the helm

Miller in the bowels

Florentines at the gate


It could be such

A grand venture

Spilling ink, acid, and ejaculate

Down our vestiges


To Bohemia

Across spires


With Black & Gold


The Troubadour of death

Marches forward

To the guillotine

Jesting, jowling, and smiting

His mirth & acumen



The vexed curs

 That settled upon shores


Of Elohim’s cadaver


Guilt & Devotion

Runs rampant on

The husks of Stoics




To birth

Our final

Dancing grave

In our

Kingdom of Poison


You – Sweet Bohemian

Won’t you please take me

To Bohemia


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