Cry Less – Smile More


I love – the;

– Smiles, eyes, hair, smell, even just the presence

Of you wonderful girls


Even if you don’t excite & make me think

Of taking you in the sack


Most of you have a calming aura

About you – easing my nerves

I love just looking at you

Even if I’m not interested

In you – I still enjoy

Your voices, eyes, laugh, & smiles


Damn it you all are so soothing

Quelling my male rage


I don’t know why

& I don’t really care

And, as Oscar Wilde said;


‘Women are meant to be loved’

‘Not understood’


Maybe he was right

It would explain why women

Can calm us – soothe us – love us

For the beasts we are


They seem much happier than men

Naturally so, it’s annoying yet

Invigorating too


I don’t know what else I could say

In devotion to you near perfect

People. All there is – is this;


Please – Cry less & smile more

It warms me to see it

Even if I don’t show it


It means a lot to me


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