The Last Revenant


The last vampire died in the year 1848

This was marked in history & fiction

The lines blurred, and now no one remembers

The last vampire.


He was born in 1316, Germany

He arose, awakened from death

In 1356 as a revenant, most foul

Sucking the blood of the living

Feasting on flesh, corpse, and soul

In his wild orgies of cannibalistic rage

His lovers so bold; men, women, & children

Animals, forests, and even the formless spirits

Of history and not of earth – the Daemons.


He was born under Christian banners

Raised in the inquisitions

Witch hunts – & scientific oppression

He never knew nothing more

Than the legend of A Three Faced Ghost

He wore crosses, silver, & crucifixes

Walking in moonlight & daylight

As a breathless corpse.


For ages down the centuries

Stalking Berlin, Budapest

Milan, & Vienna

His regular haunts.


He never saw the new world

His vile image never caught

By twentieth century pop-culture

His legend mocked & twisted by

Lovelorn lonely adolescents.


His first glimpse of fame was

Upon the battlefields of Syria

In crusades & genocides

Of eras past

Guiding robed fools in his

Skeletal hand.


The last vampire

Tread on through history

Europe, Asia, Africa

A thousand battles

A million corpses

Blood & flesh consumed

Raised by witches

Cursed by superstition

Friends, children, & lovers

Decapitated, burned, drowned

In cesspools of his wonderful

Dark plague & famine

Spread on wings and fur

He led the cobblestones of death


Down its stony demise

Till his final demise


The last vampire, from Germany

Dread of Budapest

Stalked Dublin & Leningrad

Dying on the streets of Bruges

As his final meal

Made a corpse of him

Irony so bold


The last vampire

Fell to the earth

Crumbling to bone


Before he could finish

What he started

A legend so grim


Gone to the world

Before 1848

The last vampire

No more


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