The Penguins Of Nazareth

I don’t want to be here no more

In this 3rd century imaginary playground

Filled with; penguins, statues, & senile sloths


A decade-long purgatory

Committed to limbo

As tides come

And children go


Guiding bloated husks

To god’s waiting room


Stepping over the anonymous pools

Of dignity gone by

Through vulgar images

Of sanity gone to die


This was my learning curve

To serve, preserve, and keep my nerve

But I’ve lost every shred of my reserve


The chattering husks teetering on the brink

Of their last dusk, and all about

A solemn musk of their shameless ordure

This is just pure torture

For the penguins come

Chanting their ill witted

Hollow nurture


How many more lies will I tell?

Awaiting the meagre slugs

Each leaving chocolate trails


How many more…

– Husks, penguins, & statues

Do I endure?

It’s ghastly

How I’ve lost track

Of the dead flies at my feet


The flies keep buzzing, and falling –

Each & every day


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