The Twisted West


Waking up somewhere

Not quite Reno – not quite Vegas

Married to a tranny, obsessed with me.

A dead hooker in bed

Coke across her back

Empty Jim beam bottle on the floor

Splintering headache, and nauseating

Memories of a hangover that hasn’t yet come


Blood on the sheets from a period missed

Forgotten, & gone by.


A motel for hire

Manager nowhere to be found

Some type of dog swimming

In the pool

And office keys in the toilet

Can’t find my own room keys


Cash register empty

Gun on the counter

Shells on the floor


Glass around the neighbour’s door

Lonely wife pressed against the wall

With her bra in hand.

Husband on the phone

– Sirens calling forth


Hiding the dead whore in the trunk

Dognapping the poodle

With a love-struck transsexual

And a bloated goldfish

In the glove compartment

Running out on an affair underway

In a yellow shark


Wondering what

The fuck happened

Last night




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