Pale Doll


There lays a perfect doll on a bed

It’s pale, beautiful, supple, small & rare

It has black hair, dark, raven-haired

Grey eyes, speckled with light brown

Sometimes brown, sometimes green


The doll is often naked, and in between screaming

It smokes, drinks, lives, creates


The doll is alive with art

Beautiful art, within & without

The doll is beautiful

Pale, and beautiful

Even as it spreads itself

Across rooms and the valley


Many have shared and tasted this doll

And one might have even taken it

Unpleasantly with greedy hands


But the doll still

Stares into me

From mighty usage

Splendour & carnal risk


Next to the doll

Is a cat, one-eyed and as alive as the doll

Other cats atop its pale frame, sitting



I wish I could sit atop the doll

Purring, to stare into

Those animated, shifting eyes

As it smiles its blissful grin


I’m hungry… and cold

For that supple, small pale doll

I love that


Perfect beautiful doll


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