The Sound Of Rage

Rage unchanged – Rage untamed

Could you hear the colour of rage

Could you smell the sound of rage

What is it that makes you spit & bark


Could rage unfathomed

Be a soft laughter escaping

The insidious warlord

Could rage be the bereft

The raped, the raper

The aggravator or traitor


Rage burning and rage feeding

A soul rage-torn-war-torn

Hate filled burden

With rage flowing in place of the blood they spilt and spent

This is the sound of rage

It is silent and crumbling

To know true rage is to know your bleak end


Could you hear it if you failed

The sound of rage arrives

To conquer your feeble jaw


The bone will splinter, the ribs will shatter. The village will burn, the children will die, cry, and be feast for flies. Women taken and shushed into the night.


Metal clangs at your war drum beating, clanging, banging. As Bullets fire and aspire to reach your final dear sires.

Soldiers come, soldiers laugh, soldiers taking, raping, thieving, desecrating, killing and quelling

Crop, shelter, & future.


Let fires feast & the warlords stay seated intaking their bloody treats. Upon their death-stained thrones sipping down my rage & fury. Sitting in destruction, and malice with rage settled for their receipts. Only damaged children linger amongst the corpses, flies, mosquitos, stds, diamonds & gold coughing up future rage.

This is the sound of rage; from generation to generation it passes for a wonderful inheritance. A gift for envy, and greed so parasites grow red, with mouths oozing black

Waiting, for their rage

To come back.


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