Be The Night


A tempering storm through simmering day of dust, quake, and thunder for your heartache to crack and burst open with rivers so bold, to break your dam. Crushing your city & love. These hours of gas lit heat enough to bake you under red sun, hot, frying, sizzling day. Till waters flow and we drown in the night.

Sun fleets across bleak skies, under cloud and moon. Bathing in your wished upon stars as a cool wind whips your burned skin, making love to your pimpled flesh with buzzards about circling you for warmth. Fireflies dance around you, women’s eyes and lips turn on your heel. Men standing, crooked, and bent ready to embed their jealousy.

Children’s laughter & whores tempting the street corner, hungry dogs, homeless idioms; metaphors or euphemisms lying in wait in this night. Green & purple neon lights lighting our eyes in moonlight. Grit & death in a restaurant’s spark of candlelight. Lovers exchange kisses, truths, lies, and eternal oaths. For mortal oafs.

Above water ripples, below constellations flicker in the Rhine’s reflection. Dead war drums echo, empty skies vomit forth their past and embrace their French future. Tongues entwined in fire light, candle light, disco light, neon light, lover’s light. For the rest of the night.

Hands groping, caressing, rising up dresses, beautiful smooth legs, up hard jeans, and drunken wine glasses and sober Stein tankards. Eyes & lies & flies. They could meet, for our nightly treat.

Carnal storms arisen in the floods of Cologne, and his cologne. Her delicate perfume carries on sweet wind to Bohemian encampments to gypsies reading our tarot as male meets female. Tasting, biting, loving, penetrating, raping, mind & matter. Penetration aching. Nipple blossoming in black & white cobblestone nights.

This is night and we are night, for all of tonight.


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