God’s Circus

How many virgins do you weep before? How many saviours died upon that cross? Egyptian God; Amen, laughs at his great forgotten shadow As you bow in his spectre   Babylon’s Sin feasts on his moonlight in pale apathy of bronze aged fools   The wrath of Tartarus & Hel’s frozen dead draugr Could wash […]

Be The Night

  A tempering storm through simmering day of dust, quake, and thunder for your heartache to crack and burst open with rivers so bold, to break your dam. Crushing your city & love. These hours of gas lit heat enough to bake you under red sun, hot, frying, sizzling day. Till waters flow and we […]

The Sound Of Rage

Rage unchanged – Rage untamed Could you hear the colour of rage Could you smell the sound of rage What is it that makes you spit & bark   Could rage unfathomed Be a soft laughter escaping The insidious warlord Could rage be the bereft The raped, the raper The aggravator or traitor   Rage […]

Future Sculptures

The oaken hypocrite His vein pulsating With vile blurring Reoccurring memories Of bruising recollection His stony arms and lying Tongue doesn’t hide His oceanic eyes Anger and Wrath so swift For moments fleeting The streamed controll His wisdom a pittance In his bountiful Fake jests For blood & gravel The oaken stone-armed, jelly spirit man […]

Words Are Worthless

You sexual deviant beast Smothered in piss & blood Cum, and sweat   Drowning in her lyrics Of utopian reminiscence To transcend law & dominion   Stand on your back Fuck with your pen Live, die, pain, pleasure in Guttural attacks on minds so weak   Raping philosophy of street kings And bums void of […]

The Light Costs Money

I think right now there’s some ugly bastard Lying in bed with a horde of women And a beautiful man Staring at the wall, sleeping alone   And some woman being pushed into a cargo container To be sold, used, fucked, but unloved While some demon counts paper   I think right now Titans laugh […]


I never thought a celebrity death would affect me so much   Always slightly annoyed, confused, And down at the stars fading and perishing   But never mourning, physically struck Now tears are pouring, and I’m numb I feel heavy, the idea you’re gone Has my heart racing, slowing, stopping   You taught me how […]