Dracula’s Coat

I saw Dracula on the dancefloor The lord & devil of the Carpathians Dancing in disco light With laughter & gold in those cold eyes Gliding around the dancefloor Around loose women, with open necks Young girls in flared pants & glittering heels Taking his dead devil’s hand On the dancefloor   Dracula left the […]

All You Angels

You & me & The Devil makes three Banqueting with the hedonists & libertines In villas, bastions, & bordellos In ache of gasm – Dorian & Rimbaud Covering our flesh. Fresh Vice For Poe digging graves in his quill As daggers feast on the drape Smothered & drowned by Bathory Painted red in Vatican chambers […]

It’s All In Your Head

If depression were a person Society would label him A psycho   This is the game people play Mental illness is a joke   After suicide memes come Don’t you know OCD is trendy? Anxiety is all in your head   Split personality is Our handsome protagonist   & for the love of acid-jealousy People […]

Buckle Up

Heaven is a car crash away – So Grab your gun & death could be ours Just for tonight   Hell is an empty horizon Devoid of tax, strife, & life   Blue cues scratch my heart I stand over the cliff edge Looking down from the twelve story Ready to take the 13th step […]

New-York Broadway Blues

Betty Rattle had the blues A dark haired pale tame lady White gloves, black dress, red lips Nineteen teenage beauty Set her eyes & heart upon Broadway   Broadway, baby Lost in smoke & jazz In the concrete jungle   Auditions by day Rejection by night   Powdering those rosy cheeks With innocence & sultry […]


Do you believe in zombies? I do – not Romero’s Or Haiti’s demonised voodoo But zombies Hell maybe you’re a zombie too   Couldn’t you tell? If you were or if you weren’t.   Have you ever stood on the edge of the Platform at the train station? Or waiting for a bus to work […]

The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 5

A dragon’s bedtime Legends for us   Tabitha, the fairy & Mythiel the dragon sat around a campfire, it was night. Mythiel was feeling rather sleepy, and Tabitha sat atop his nose stroking his scales singing him a soft lullaby – telling him stories and bidding him a good night. She had serenaded the ruffling […]