Dining On Dust

I was driving down route 66 on my way back to the motel, I had my shades on and the visor down as the sun was at its peak. Noon. Driving down the barren, dead desert of the Mojave, sweating my life blood away under that deadly heat of Arizona’s sky. The roads were empty […]

The Knock

All I had asked for from the manager was a typewriter. All I wanted to do was write. And write I did. But there was always that knock on my door. Every night a knock on my door. Ever since that man knocked on my door. When no one knocked on my door. Ever since […]

Lady Night

I was in another motel room awaiting another whore. It was a Monday night, and I had nothing else to do but waste time and burn money. I sat there at the desk staring at the wall, scribbling on crumbled notes. Scribbling away my madness and loneliness onto a jotted page as I awaited Lady […]

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl who lived at the edge of a wood. Her name was Red. And the people of the village called her Little Red Riding Hood because she loved to dress in her red hood and cloak. Everyone loved Red, she was a sweet, and kind soul […]