The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 5

A dragon’s bedtime Legends for us   Tabitha, the fairy & Mythiel the dragon sat around a campfire, it was night. Mythiel was feeling rather sleepy, and Tabitha sat atop his nose stroking his scales singing him a soft lullaby – telling him stories and bidding him a good night. She had serenaded the ruffling […]

The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 4

First Steps A hard world On the edge of a glade; a hare sat chewing a lump of grass in perfect solitude. Unbeknownst to the hare, at the centre of the glade under a mound of weeds sat a young dragon, and a fairy lazily snoozing atop the petals of a bushel of daisies. The […]

The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 3

The Bonds That Form A friendship is born And so it was that they had met: Tabitha a sweet young fairy and a young hatchling of a dragon bonded together in eternal friendship. It was of the same day that the two had met on their chance encounter that she had first spoken to he, […]

The Knock

All I had asked for from the manager was a typewriter. All I wanted to do was write. And write I did. But there was always that knock on my door. Every night a knock on my door. Ever since that man knocked on my door. When no one knocked on my door. Ever since […]

Frankie- Ch. 01

Nicky lit another cigarette, guarding the lighter against the heavy downpour of rain, handling it with shaky fingers. He leant back on the patrol car, the siren still soundlessly flashing. Looking over to his partner giving him a nod, as he unholstered his gun approaching the house. Frankie kicked the door in, the wood splintering […]