Annabelle – Child Of The Hill

The little girl had gone missing. Nobody in the village knew where she might be but deep in the night on the edge of town, as the moon was at its peak. There forever stood a strange tree that only appeared under the moonlight – it was an ashen coloured oak tree with uplifted roots. […]

The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 4

First Steps A hard world On the edge of a glade; a hare sat chewing a lump of grass in perfect solitude. Unbeknownst to the hare, at the centre of the glade under a mound of weeds sat a young dragon, and a fairy lazily snoozing atop the petals of a bushel of daisies. The […]

The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 3

The Bonds That Form A friendship is born And so it was that they had met: Tabitha a sweet young fairy and a young hatchling of a dragon bonded together in eternal friendship. It was of the same day that the two had met on their chance encounter that she had first spoken to he, […]

Keys To Colombia

In the dark of night standing on the balcony of my villa. Looking down on the gardens of my estate, the pool, and ponds still as my nerves as I stroke the metal of the ornate railings on my terrace. Wearing the bathrobe my mistress bought me and the pyjamas my wife bought me, as […]

The Shadow Of Friendship

The blood was gurgling. Pumping out of her and out onto the road, Theresa had just been hit by a bus. The road was empty, the street empty and Theresa breathed her last dying breath looking up at that clear blue sky as she exhaled her final breath. Her head slit open from the collision […]

The Market

It started with a flash. The entire earth was lit up in one brilliant white light blocking out the sun, moon, and stars for all to see, or not to see as was the case. I remember the very moment it happened the flash lasted a mere second and for a moment, I thought I […]

Somewhere, Underneath It All

Somewhere underneath it all laid something. It wasn’t clear, distinct, or within sight but my…my… if you had seen her that night. I promise you you’d of done the exact same as me. Nobody had seen it, none of the men hovering around noticed her all of them could not see the truth, all they saw […]