Poetry, For Poetry

What good is one poem? In the face of life What good is a poem   When all those words Were wiped away In the fire   What good is one poem To the girl with the razor And noose   What good is a poem To the man with the pills And booze   […]

Shush . . . Just Listen . . .

I want to revel in loneliness and madness Listening to Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, & all the other dead bastards   Maybe they understood Silence as well   Leading men to that strange harmony Of mute voices with booming concertos Sending rage and sadness through the ages   Or maybe they were just killing Their own […]

Pale Doll

  There lays a perfect doll on a bed It’s pale, beautiful, supple, small & rare It has black hair, dark, raven-haired Grey eyes, speckled with light brown Sometimes brown, sometimes green   The doll is often naked, and in between screaming It smokes, drinks, lives, creates   The doll is alive with art Beautiful […]


Poetry is romantic, despotic sheer magic Thunderously calm it creates ripples across hearts Tearing people down and up in wild ascension To what they never imagined to have sought   Poetry is magic, deep, dark, romantic… piffle Flowery, feminine, gay & outdated   But old worldly Ancient dancing emotion Made flesh from thought & ink […]

The Twisted West

  Waking up somewhere Not quite Reno – not quite Vegas Married to a tranny, obsessed with me. A dead hooker in bed Coke across her back Empty Jim beam bottle on the floor Splintering headache, and nauseating Memories of a hangover that hasn’t yet come   Blood on the sheets from a period missed […]

Only Crows Remain – An Ode To Ireland

The banshee wails Through the green heavens Of this emerald isle   Enticing the young In her beautiful Wicked tongue Baring her allure   To the men who come Warriors, poets, & fools All sought & all fall In her handsome gaze   Moon come Moon go She may be – – A maiden, mother, […]

The Penguins Of Nazareth

I don’t want to be here no more In this 3rd century imaginary playground Filled with; penguins, statues, & senile sloths   A decade-long purgatory Committed to limbo As tides come And children go   Guiding bloated husks To god’s waiting room   Stepping over the anonymous pools Of dignity gone by Through vulgar images […]