Only the dead live forever Locked in earth & stone Standing vigilant in the aether Till scribes bleed from quill And the well runs dry   These pages & scrolls could show That we were once only mortal   Flawed, human, and Mere fools.   A lesson to you

Annabelle – Child Of The Hill

The little girl had gone missing. Nobody in the village knew where she might be but deep in the night on the edge of town, as the moon was at its peak. There forever stood a strange tree that only appeared under the moonlight – it was an ashen coloured oak tree with uplifted roots. […]

The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 4

First Steps A hard world On the edge of a glade; a hare sat chewing a lump of grass in perfect solitude. Unbeknownst to the hare, at the centre of the glade under a mound of weeds sat a young dragon, and a fairy lazily snoozing atop the petals of a bushel of daisies. The […]

The Fairy & The Dragon pt. 3

The Bonds That Form A friendship is born And so it was that they had met: Tabitha a sweet young fairy and a young hatchling of a dragon bonded together in eternal friendship. It was of the same day that the two had met on their chance encounter that she had first spoken to he, […]

The Fairy & The Dragon Pt. 2

The Dragon’s Red Tail I The land blossomed green, with drizzle, & the song of birds And the sound of children’s laughter. Even still. In towns, and villages The bustling inns roared with merriment of drunken folks swaying In the breeze of night.   And along cobbled paths, and aside warm hearths; all was well. […]

Lamb & Mutton

Tongues dance freely across pink raped fields Hands grasp & caress the fountains of flesh Men abuse, rape, and plunder the hordes – Of innocence playing gaily in the pools Of virtue. Women squandered and spent, left out In open heat, admired as precious Roses & jewels. Those that survived barely able to stand Creaking, […]

Broken Wings

Little cherubs drawing on the walls Blue filled chocolate eyes Little girl, brave & fierce Swinging your axe … It’s a pity We can’t all fly